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asking the questions

We live in a world of staggering and immense complexity, characterized by nuance, perspective, and opinion. There are far more questions in this world than there are answers. No one group or individual can give you those answers.  


What is the meaning of a good life? Is it the same for everyone?


What in life is truly objective rather than subjective?


Can two, opposite perspectives be true at the same time?


Are good intentions all that is required to live a virtuous life?


Is a life driven by growth or achievement necessary or good?

Criticism of religion must extend not only to its basic claims but to all of its statements. Religion is liable to distortion from without and to corruption from within. Since it frequently absorbs ideas not indigenous to its spirit, it is necessary to distinguish between the authentic and the spurious. Furthermore, superstition, pride, self-righteousness, bias, and vulgarity, may defile the finest traditions. Faith in its zeal tends to become bigotry. The criticism of reason, the challenge, and the doubts of the unbeliever may, therefore, be more helpful to the integrity of faith than the simple reliance on one's own faith.

Abraham Joshua Heschel


Are actions inherently good or bad? How do we determine which actions are right?


Is there an absolute definition of a perfect or holy life?


Are we more than just the cultural beliefs that influence us?


Can reason and perception be used to access truth and reality?


What beliefs do I hold that I believe are superior to others?

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